Monday, April 27, 2009

Republicans cut pandemic funding

With the recent outbreak of the Swine Flu, it's easy to go a little hysterical, perhaps placing blame on people who don't deserve it. As I was watching Lou Dobbs talking about the issue the other night, I couldn't help but think that Dobbs placed the blame on illegal immigrants, something that is quite deplorable if you ask me.

There is an item worth noting, however: during debate of the stimulus package, Republican lawmakers did their best to cut out the programs and expenditures they felt were unnecessary. For example, funding for birth control was seen as an unnecessary way to stimulate the economy.

Another item that was cut? Funding for emergency pandemics. $900 million for such emergencies was cut to woo the Senate Republicans who were most likely to support the bill. Many Republicans considered the pandemic provision a type of pork, a little ironic considering the pandemic we now face.

Is it any wonder why the Republicans are a shrinking party? Only 21 percent of Americans now identify themselves as part of or supportive of the GOP. Screwing up something like this surely isn't going to help.

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