Monday, December 16, 2019

The Wisconsin State Journal Gets It Completely Wrong In Editorial Against Impeachment

The Editorial Board admits Trump probably performed impeachable actions, yet wants to wait until next year's elections, ignoring the outcome of last year's at the same time.  

I am beyond livid over the Wisconsin State Journal's decision to publish an editorial against the impeachment of the president ("Trust voters to end the sad Trump era"). Not only because the board is wrong, but because their argument is full of contradictions.

The overall thesis of the piece reads,
"[L]eaving Trump’s presidency up to voters is best for democracy, given public skepticism over the House’s rushed impeachment process."
"The facts suggest President Trump did commit impeachable offenses."
One would think that'd be enough for the State Journal's Editorial Board to embrace impeachment, as dozens of newspapers across the country have already done. Alas, that's not the case with Wisconsin's capital-city publication, whose board believes that timing, not criminality or abuse of power, matters most.