Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gathering Storm ad

The National Organization for Marriage -- an anti-gay marriage group -- has released an ad that expresses their frustrations with gay marriage. Among the frustrations spoken by the actors in the ad are that freedom would be taken away.

Really? Your freedom to live a non-gay life, to believe that gay marriage is wrong, would be taken away? If gay marriage is legalized, this right would not disappear. Churches can still refuse to marry a couple of the same sex -- just as they can refuse to marry a couple who have been excommunicated for other reasons.

See the ad here.

If you don't want to recognize a same-sex union in your church, then your church doesn't have to. But denying people basic privileges is wrong. We shouldn't discriminate against an act that does no harm to people, or to couples. The right to marry should be extended towards same-sex couples.

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