Sunday, April 26, 2009

ABC Poll: Support for Obama strong

A new ABC Poll has some stunning numbers in favor of Barack Obama. The poll finds that 69 percent of Americans approve of how he's running the White House. 50 percent feel the country is heading in the right direction -- as ABC points out, a stunning reversal from the days before Obama's inauguration when only 19 percent felt that way.

Partisanship remains Obama's biggest struggle: only 36 percent of Republicans approve of him, in large part because of his economic policies. But while the number is low for conservatives, among moderates Obama enjoys a stellar 75 percent approval rating, and in regards to the economy 58 percent of all Americans approve his policies.

Obama has a significant advantage over his conservative rivals, too. He leads the Congressional GOP by 61-24 percent in terms of who Americans trust to handle the economy.

These numbers are reassuring to me; they show that mainstream America is in support of this president and his policies. While there may be a sizable minority who is quite vocal in their opposition to him, for the most part America stands behind her president.

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