Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Voucher Question: Why Are Wisconsin Taxpayers Forced To Pay For Other Kids' Religious Schooling?

The state Constitution says people shouldn't be compelled to pay for places of worship — it's time to start living up to that standard

Mike Pence's visit to our fair city on Tuesday, to promote school vouchers, has sent me into rant-mode...

Let's start this out by saying straight from the get-go, there's nothing inherently wrong with parents choosing to send their children to schools that are religious in nature, or secular private schools either, for that matter. It's a choice of the parent to do so, and it should be respected.

It's the other parents and non-parents across the state, who don't get a say in the matter, that concerns me, when it comes to voucher schools in Wisconsin.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Soleimani's Assassination Was Justified — But It Was Also Wrong. Here's Why...

The outcome seems "right" to many Trump supporters, but it's consequences are given very little thought. 

There should be no doubts in anyone's mind about how much better off the world is without Qassem Soleimani in it any longer. The Iranian general was responsible for a number of deaths (including American servicemembers') and other terroristic actions over the years. His departure from this world is a good thing.

Which is why it's hard for a number of supporters of President Donald Trump to understand why there is blowback against the commander-in-chief for this action. The president's order resulted in the death of one of the country's enemies. Why do we want to second-guess that?

The feeling behind the joyous celebration at Soleimani's assassination has its basis in Old Testament, "eye for an eye" sentiments. He killed ours, so let's kill him. It's perfectly reasonable when taken from that perspective.

But the logic starts to dissipate when you consider what has happened (or will) as a result.