Thursday, April 30, 2009

GOP: Bitter Much?

So, Sen. Arlen Specter has defected to the Democrats. I for one welcome him -- although he is a moderate, it's important to have many points of view within your political circle. And while I certainly won't agree with every vote he makes, I do believe Specter will be a good Democrat.

The Republicans, however, are furious. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that Specter flipped the bird at the GOP. In fact, looking at the GOP website, you'd compare the Republican Party's reaction to that of a scorned teenage girl.

The official site of the party allows you to send a memo to Specter, welcoming him to the Democrats. You can thank him for helping us "borrow more money from China and the Middle East," tell him how he'll "love how much we can spend taxpayer money," and many more ludicrous comments.

It's too bad the Republicans are so bitter; perhaps it's this attitude of "better than thou" that has caused them not only to lose moderates like Specter, but supporters as well (less than 1 in 4 Americans consider themselves Republican).

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