Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party in Madison

Today, I was "fortunate" enough to attend the Tea Party tax/big government/overall anti-liberal protest in Madison, Wisconsin, at the state capitol building. Instead of listening to the speakers taking part in the event, I chose instead to pay attention to those who attended the rally. More specifically, I took a look at the signs they created.

Here's a video of those signs: (and please, forgive my editing skills...this is the first movie I've ever made/edited)

For the most part, the people at this event were very polite (I was pushing a stroller, so people were very cooperative with my movements). Still, the signs that many of them had were disturbing, making assertions ranging from Obama being the anti-Christ, taxes going up under his administration, and Obama not being a citizen of the United States, among other things.

I'm hoping that the crowd at the capitol today represented a minority of conservatives as many of them made me nervous to be there. I dared not mention that I was a liberal, but made my way to a couple of Democratic legislators' offices after the event to encourage them to keep working for the people of Wisconsin, seeing as they were going to be barraged with tea bags from these people.

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