Monday, April 20, 2009

$100 million cut in 90 days

That's the goal of the Obama administration, according to anonymous officials within the White House. Obama is going to gather his cabinet together with the goal of cutting $100 million in less than 100 days.

It's a move that's going to make most middle-of-the-road conservatives happy, if only for a split second. It will eliminate wasteful spending within the cabinet positions of the Obama administration. Liberals will be happy, too, since we deplore wasteful spending just as much as conservatives (for two reasons: first, it's wasteful; second, it gives credence to the claim that WE'RE wasteful).

It's almost a guarantee, however, that some conservative commentators will look at this move and say, "So what? It's only $100 million in a sea of trillions."

The point of this move, however, isn't the number in dollars, but rather the number in days. If Obama can show he can cut that amount in 90 days, what can he cut by the end of his term? And can Congress live by his example, cutting wasteful spending while keeping the promise of helping middle-class and poorer Americans?

Hopefully this example will extend to state governments and localities. If this happens, we CAN expect billions, if not, trillions in savings.

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