Friday, April 10, 2009

Lifting the Embargo

For all the talk against lifting the Cuban embargo that the right wing has been spouting off, there's this: according to a new poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe we should lift the embargo. Three-fourths think we should move towards normalizing relations with the island country that is just 90 miles south of us.

This is pretty much a done deal; the embargo serves no purpose to us now. Communism is no longer a threat to us, and neither is the Cuban regime (the only threat they ever posed existed only when Soviet Russia backed them). Any opposition to lifting the embargo probably rests upon the belief that if we begin relations with Cuba now, America will move towards Communism as well.

That's a bogus assertion, and one based in fear. We've bailed out financial institutions with billions (trillions?) of dollars -- there's no way we're going to turn "red" now after that enormous investment.

Let's lift the ban and begin normalizing relations with Cuba.

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