Monday, March 18, 2024

Republicans Just Aren't Into Appealing to Hispanic Voters (Probably Because of MAGA)

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has shuttered multiple Hispanic outreach centers across the country, and is scrapping plans to open more in the months leading up to the presidential election.

One such center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is particularly noticeable, as it's been closed since mid-2022 and is in the city where the RNC plans to hold its political convention later this year. The RNC doesn't appear to even be trying to reopen it.

From Wisconsin Public Radio:

Earlier this year, the Republican National Committee said it planned to reopen the center, and in a statement issued this week, RNC Chair Michael Whatley said the party would still organize in communities that are not traditionally Republican.

But RNC spokespersons did not respond to questions from WPR about whether Milwaukee’s center would reopen, and a visit to the building Friday revealed it was still shuttered. Nearby business owners said they haven’t seen any activity in the building recently.

Republicans are trying to make Latinx voters a priority this election cycle. Polling shows that Latinx voters are split, with more just slightly more leaning toward backing President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

But with the GOP nominee comparing immigrants to "animals," it's becoming more likely that small split will widen even further in the months ahead. The closure of RNC-based Hispanic outreach centers is simply more indication that the party isn't really interested in appealing to Latinx voters, and is more concerned about placating a base of MAGA supporters that harbor xenophobic views.

Indeed, according to Reuters, the plan to open more resource centers to appeal to voters of color is being axed by none other than the Trump campaign itself

It's really not hard to comprehend why.

(Still, Democratic candidates aren't doing much to prove they're the better option, either...)

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