Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NY Gov to propose Same-sex Marriage Bill

In what could be the second state to pass a same-sex marriage bill through legislative means, New York Gov. David Patterson is expected to announce Thursday his plans to propose a bill legalizing marriage rights and recognition within his state.

New York would become the fifth state to legally recognize same-sex partners' marriages. It's a sign of the times -- while a recent CBS poll shows only one-third of Americans support full marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, the same poll shows the same number of Americans calling for no recognition (civil unions or marriage) at all, meaning two-thirds of Americans would be OK with SOME form of legal recognition for gay couples.

More Americans are starting to become more accepting of the gay community -- except in extremely conservative circles, it's become passe to consider gays and lesbians as "bad." As time moves on, we'll see more states (perhaps Wisconsin included) change their attitudes on gay marriage.

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