Tuesday, June 30, 2009

US Troops out of Iraqi cities

Iraqi security forces took control of their own cities today as American military personnel left in what many are calling a major move in the six-plus year campaign to secure Iraq.

Many critics of the move -- among them former Vice President Dick Cheney -- maintain that the insurgency that plagued American soldiers in the months following the takeover of Iraq will return as we remove our troops from the beleaguered nation. But most Iraqis have celebrated the move, even as a car bomb killed dozens today and injured scores more.

While violence may spike up here and there during the transition, it is no longer the responsibility of the United States to curtail that violence. The Iraqi people need to become responsible for their own safety and security, and are in fact able to do that. Even George W. Bush said that, when Iraqis stand up we should begin to step aside and allow them to control their own lives. We should keep that promise to them, and remove our troops as they become more able to defend their own country.

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