Sunday, June 14, 2009

State Democrats select youngest chair in nation

Wisconsin Democrats selected Mike Tate, who just turned 30, to be the chairman of the Party in the state. But don't let his age fool you: Tate is a brilliant strategist, utilizing the internet for grassroots campaigning long before the Obama campaign, as well as working with strong Democratic leaders such as Jim Doyle, Russ Feingold and Howard Dean. He also led Fair Wisconsin during its campaign to defeat the gay marriage referendum in 2006.

Though it wasn't a direct relationship, I've crossed paths with Tate on two separate occasions: first, in 2007 during the Democratic Leadership Institute, a weekend designed specifically for training young Democrats how to work in campaign settings; and second, during such a campaign setting in the 2008 presidential election for Advancing Wisconsin.

Despite his young age -- something I'm sure Republicans are going to criticize -- Tate represents the new generation of Democrats who were so instrumental in the election of Barack Obama and other Democrats nationally. The Party is sure to prosper during his reign as Chair.

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