Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gay exorcism?

A video posted on YouTube recently depicts a gay exorcism. A teenage boy is held up in the air, placed on the ground, surrounded by parishioners, who shout, "Rip it from his throat!," and, "It's in his stomach!" while attempting to remove the "gayness" from him. It ends with the young man vomiting.

It's troubling that, in a society as advanced as ours is today, people still look at homosexuality as a disease, as something that needs to be cured of. Whatever your religious beliefs are -- you can believe it's a sin, it's wrong, or whatever -- it's disturbing that people still believe it's unnatural, it's an illness, and so forth. It's equally disturbing how far people will take their beliefs; this video is one example of that. At some point, I imagine, God wants us to accept the logical, the reasonable things in this world. We cannot rely on blind faith for every situation -- sometimes we have to use the judgment God has given us.

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