Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GOP grabbing straws on Sotomayor

Several GOP Senators are causing a stir on Capitol Hill over Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Most recently, these Republicans have questioned whether Sotomayor would uphold the Constitution in her rulings.

It's a silly question to even ask -- Sotomayor has years of experience as a federal judge, and you'd think that, if her decisions were a legitimate concern, something would have been done by now to remedy that (such as impeachment of a judge who is ruling outside the law).

If you're still not convinced, however, take a look at her record: not only does she have the years of experience a Supreme Court Justice needs, but her decisions have been consistently upheld (the Supreme Court has only heard five cases of hers of the 232 she has authored an opinion on, overturning only 3 of those heard).

It isn't right that these attacks are being made on Sotomayor. The Republicans need to do some actual research instead of carrying out baseless attacks upon her.

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