Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Trying Something New at Political Heat...

Howdy, everyone. Yep, I'm still around. 

I've been toying with some ideas in my head about what to do with this site. I quit blogging here to write full-time at Truthout.org as a news writer for that organization.

I plan to continue doing that. (I love Truthout, and I think you would, too. Go to the site, read some articles, and please consider giving them a donation.) 

I also want to do something different here.

So at Political Heat, I'm going to write shorter posts, just a few lines in length, to simply provide links to stories that I think are worth reading. I may interject my opinion here or there in these posts, too, and once in a while I'll do longer opinion pieces as well.

This will keep Political Heat active, which I think is a good thing. I hope you do as well.

Thanks for reading!