Sunday, May 21, 2023

Report: Trump Is Planning Politics of Paranoia/Anger If He Wins 2024 Election (Big Surprise, Right?)

Donald Trump's plans for his next presidency (if he's elected) is to go after political opponents like a paranoid madman, and pursue conspiracy theories with reckless abandon, harming millions of Americans in the process.

You know, like how he behaved in his first term in office.

From Axios:

[Trump] wants to give the president the authority to hire and fire federal workers at will — not a new idea, but now part of a broad effort to "clean out" investigators and officials he sees as disloyal or who have questioned his conduct.


Trump wants to fire "radical left" officials who accredit universities, reward schools that abolish tenure for teachers, eliminate many college administrators and remove diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.


He's vowing to get rid of "Marxist prosecutors " and create an auditing system to monitor U.S. intelligence agencies “to ensure they are not spying on our citizens."

And no Trump policy statement would be complete without an attack on LGBTQ people, particularly trans individuals seeking life-saving health care treatments.

He wants DOJ to investigate Big Pharma and the big hospital networks to determine whether they have "deliberately covered up the long-term side-effects of 'sex transitions.'" He also wants to boot hospitals or providers from Medicaid and Medicare if they offer gender-affirming care.

Read more at Axios.

And read (via The Guardian) why one Republican U.S. Senator doesn't think Trump can win in 2024 (hint: he's going to lose swing states because of his brazenness and politics of anger). 

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