Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Even a Majority of Trump-Voters Say Abortion Bans Have Gone Too Far

Nobody is liking any of these state bans/severe restrictions on abortion, except for far-right zealots and ideologues who view the issue in black-and-white terms, where only their opinions matter (and the rights of others don't).

From NARAL Pro Choice America, which conducted a poll on abortion views in conjuction with Change Research:

Seventy-three percent of voters nationwide, including a majority of 2020 Trump voters, 3 in 4 independents, and 55% of white rural men believe things have gone too far [when it comes to post-Roe abortion restrictions]. These findings come as 19 states have eliminated or restricted access because of abortion bans, and anti-choice extremists continue to push for a national ban.

Fifty-one percent of people who voted for Donald Trump even say that abortion bans happening now are too much.

Overall, 58 percent of respondents from all political backgrounds agree that these bans are dangerous. (And they're right, too.)

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