Saturday, March 21, 2009

Franken Update

The lawyer for embattled (former?) Senator Norm Coleman is now saying that Democratic challenger (senator-elect?) Al Franken is probably going to win the trial case that has held up seating the former Saturday Night Live writer to the U.S. Senate since election night 2008.

However, the same lawyer also says that the Coleman team will be planning to appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court following Franken's probable win.

I'm all for fighting to the end in order to figure out who the rightful winner is (see Bush v. Gore). But Coleman, who originally wanted Franken to concede the race before the recount but then switched his opinion as soon as the recount showed Franken was in the lead after all.

All the votes that can be counted have been. Coleman, to the bitter end it seems, wants nothing more than to prolong his loss. He should concede defeat rather than deprive the people of Minnesota their right to have representation within the U.S. Senate.

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