Thursday, March 12, 2009

Midterm Progress Report: Economics

In honor of the halfway mark of the first 100 days of the Obama presidency -- the mark by which all presidents since FDR have been measured by -- I will be posting a few remarks on occasion within the next week regarding the grades I would give Obama with respect to various topics. These will be short asides, different than my usual posts, lasting only a few sentences at the most with a letter grade following.

I will be grading Obama and his administration on the following six categories: the economy; foreign policy; social policy; health care; bipartisanship; and accountability.

Without further adieu, here's Obama's marks on the economy:

His stimulus package passed despite the Republicans dragging their feet. And though he hasn't yet been able to curtail pork barrel spending in Congress, the overall attitude of the Obama administration in terms of economics (lessening the burden placed on the backs of the middle and working classes) is reason enough to be optimistic for the future. The belief that the market is affected by every time he gives a speech is nonsense; were it true, it wouldn't even matter since Wall Street is driven by what impacts them, not the American worker. Overall Grade: B

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