Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Limbaugh -- the new "Don" of the Republican Party

It's official: Rush Limbaugh is the new "godfather" of the Republican Party.

For weeks now, several members of the GOP have been lining up to kiss the proverbial ring on Limbaugh's hand, to gain his approval after some have denounced him as the de facto leader of the Party.

His latest casualty? Newly-selected Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, who late last week called Limbaugh an "entertainer" -- blasphemy as far as the dittoheads are concerned. This week, Steele apologized and stated that Limbaugh was indeed a leading voice in conservative politics.

Is it any wonder that the GOP is out of power in Washington? With so much pandering going on towards "Don Limbaugh," the average American gets left behind -- which is why I'm confident that the Democrats will be in power for a long time to come.

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