Thursday, March 26, 2009

GOP's irresponsible budget

In response to President Obama's charge that the GOP hasn't come up with an alternative to his budget plan, House Minority Leader John Boehner released a blueprint on the Republicans' plans for getting us out of recession.

Mainly, it's an irresponsible cut in taxes for the wealthy while gutting much of the government, a conservative's dream come true for how they'd like government to work (meaning not at all, if it is to be funded by so little).

Under the Republican Party's plan, the top marginal tax rate would be 25% -- a dramatic drop from the current 35% that America's wealthiest pay (but usually don't) -- and would affect those making over $100,000. Everyone below that amount would pay around 10% in federal taxes.

It is irresponsible and will destroy the government as we know it. At a time when Americans are begging their legislators to do more, to help alleviate the hardships they're facing, the last thing that can be considered is a cut in government spending and revenue this large.

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