Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Trump's 'Race Relations' Speech Will Likely Feature Racist Dog Whistles, As Stephen Miller Is Writing It

The adviser to Trump has demonstrably racist viewpoints, and was the chief architect of the family separation policy.

One of President Donald Trump's favorite and most-trusted non-familial advisers, Stephen Miller, is reportedly writing the president's planned speech on race relations in the United States. 

Trump's comments on the subject as of late, which were prompted after the police killing of George Floyd in late May, provides ample evidence to demonstrate this speech will be an epic disaster — but Miller's inclusion as the principal author will mean it will likely be full of racist dog-whistles that will placate Trump's base and do little to help further the current conversation of police brutality and societal racism in general toward Black Americans. 

Miller is, after all, a noted racist himself. This is not the simple opinion of a person sitting behind a keyboard — leaked emails of his have demonstrated that the presidential adviser has a belief in the discredited notion of white genocide. Other emails of his shows he has a blanket viewpoint that immigrants are criminals, and even believes in the racist/discredited "science" of eugenics

Miller was the architect of Trump's family separation policy, the rule that was in place in 2018 that split children away from their parents if they crossed into the U.S. together, resulting in heartbreaking images of children being kept in cages at the southern border. Many families remain separated to this day due to that policy

Still need convincing that Miller's racism is real? Consider this: In high school, Miller ended a friendship with a fellow classmate in part because his peer was Latino

That's the person who is writing Trump's pending speech on race relations in America. So be prepared for that train-wreck, coming to your television set within the next few days or so. 

One of the bigger problems with Trump's response to the uprisings across the nation these past two weeks has been his inability to comprehend that brute force to stopping them isn't what's desired among the American populace. Indeed, new polling out today found that 50 percent of Americans want their next president to address racial inequalities in a better way, while only 37 percent want "security" to be upheld. 

And while Trump has lambasted the protests in general, 69 percent of Americans support them, with only 29 percent disfavoring the uprisings. 

Unless Trump makes a complete 180 on how he views these protests — and disavows his main adviser on them — his planned speech is going to be a flop, to say the least. 

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