Friday, June 12, 2020

'These Aren't My Voters' — Donald Trump Only Wants To Be A President For Some (The Ones Who Worship Him)

A new report suggests the president doesn't actually care about millions of his constituents' concerns.

The office of the president has commanded respect from the citizenry for many years.

Even during periods of vast partisanship, it was understood that the president of the United States was meant to be a president for all, was supposed to push politics aside during times of crises, and at least try to understand the concerns of the people they served, even those who didn't vote for them.

Donald Trump is the exception to the rule. He does not seem to care about anyone but himself, and through that lens, he only cares about the constituents who plan to support him, even when it's time for him to be the healer-in-chief.

During this trying time in our nation's history, when the struggle for racial equality has literally hit the streets of dozens of cities across the country, the current occupier of the White House doesn't seem to give a damn. He has contempt for those asking for change. The reason why? They won't vote for him anyway, and thus aren't worth giving a damn over. 

This, according to a report from NBC News:
“These aren’t my voters,” the president has said repeatedly, dismissing protesters in discussions with aides about how to respond over nearly three weeks of unrest, according to three people familiar with the comments.
Think about that for a moment.

Thousands, probably millions, of Americans have taken to the streets demanding action on racial disparities in policing, and racial inequities in society in general. A majority (54 percent) of Americans also support the protests, whether they take part in them personally or observe them from home.

Trump's solution to their concerns, his answer to what the American people want to see happen, in the wake of George Floyd's death?

Screw them.

We should perhaps be unsurprised by now at the actions of this president. He did, after all, spray tear gas at peaceful protesters in Washington D.C. last week, just so he could walk to a church uninterrupted for a photo op (those who were hit with chemical agents included clergy of that same church).

Yet, surprising or not, Trump's indifference to his constituents, based on whether they plan to vote for him or not, is telling of his character.

What a shameful chapter in our nation's history, these past three years.

Screw us? Screw him.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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