Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lunchtime musings: Burke didn't proofread, but Walker's scandals are truly worrisome

Let's examine Scott Walker's record, specifically his scandals,  and compare him to Mary Burke.

He's sending state workers to political events, a violation of the necessar separation between state and electoral spheres.

There was improper coordination between his campaign and third party groups, in an apparent effort to hide campaign cash during his recall.

He has consistently hired and promoted political allies, not to mention family members of high-paying donors, over more qualified employees in state government jobs.

Finally, let's not forget the secret email router system that linked government workers mere steps from his desk to his 2010 campaign activities, a clear violation of campaign ethics and rules.

In spite of all of these scandals, and then some, Gov. Walker has the nerve to call Mary Burke untrustworthy?

Burke's biggest "crime" is that she didn't proofread a document. We can't say the same for Walker, who's biggest crime may turn out to be a real one.


  1. Pure crap, a vendetta by chisholm. His wife rules the roost.

    1. You're welcome to your opinion on Chisolm, but those assertions against him are being made without tangible proof. The assertions I made above are based on physical evidence that can be proven to exist.