Thursday, October 9, 2014

DWD says "public aid" helps those on minimum wage, but Walker diminished aid for thousands

Two parents on minimum wage no longer qualify for BadgerCare

Gov. Scott Walker's administration stated this week that they determined $7.25 an hour was a livable wage. They cited, among other things, that state "public aid" helps make it so.

Two parents working minimum wage jobs earn around $30,160 a year. Before Walker, their family would have indeed qualified for BadgerCare coverage. 

But now, because of Walker's health care "reforms" and refusal to accept federal Medicaid funds, they no longer qualify. They're on their own.

So the "public aid" that supposedly makes $7.25 a livable wage is, in many cases, gone because of Walker.

The minimum wage, even with help from the state, is a challenge to survive on. But shame on both the Department of Workforce Development and on Walker himself for saying aid makes it easier, especially after this very administration took said aid away.

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