Thursday, March 24, 2011

"False flag" email stirs up memories of Walker's "troublemakers" idea

Revealed today was the fact that an email from Indiana suggested to Gov. Scott Walker during the Madison protests that he consider using a "false flag" strategy -- wherein Walker would fake a violent act, supposedly from a staged actor pretending to be a protester -- in order to drum up support for his own cause of passing the bill.

The problem with the "false flag" scenario isn't so much that the Walker administration was seeking it out or that they ended up implementing it. They weren't and they didn't -- the problem is that they were considering other ideas at least somewhat similar in nature to what this email brought up, ideas that were meant to discredit the protesters through staged actions.

Though it was less violent in nature, Walker admitted to a prank caller that he had contemplated putting "troublemakers" in the crowds with the protesters in Madison, hoping that they would stir up animosity to discredit the pro-union crowds. He only backed away from doing so because he didn't believe it would help him any politically.

Today's email-revelation stirs up that memory, something that the people of Wisconsin shouldn't forget anytime soon. Our governor actually considered placing within a peaceful protest agents with a specific intent to make demonstrators look bad. We should be mindful that Gov. Walker is bringing Wisconsin government down to a level no one ever conceived it could reach -- and though the email's suggestions were never carried out, with Walker having considered similar options in the past one has to wonder: did Scott Walker ever consider this?

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