Friday, March 18, 2011

Scott Walker's fake cops disgraceful, shameful

A quick comment on Scott Walker’s fake cops...

Near the underground tunnels where protesters congregated to demonstrate against Walker’s controversial budget bill, a private security officer claimed he was actually a police officer and demanded to see the protesters’ ID’s. When the protesters themselves asked to see his badge, he refused. Officers both on- and off-duty are required to display their badges whenever they make it known that they are indeed officers. This man’s refusal to do so was a clear indication that he wasn’t who he said he was.

Scott Walker certainly has the right to hire the help of private security firms -- no one is suggesting otherwise. But when those hired hands act in a thuggish manner, defacing the good name of our state’s law enforcement in the process, a line has been crossed. Whether prompted by Walker to manipulate our state’s officers’ good name or not, our governor should be ashamed of himself, either of knowing this was going to happen or of hiring these people who readily and without hesitation impersonate the bravest individuals Wisconsin has to offer.

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