Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Gallup Poll shows Americans want reform

A new Gallup Poll released late last week shows that Americans want health care reform, with a substantial number calling for reform to come sometime this year.

In total, 71 percent of Americans would advise their representatives to pass "legislation now being considered in Congress." More than half of those who want reform -- 41 percent of all Americans -- want it done sometime before the year's end. Only 24 percent would advise their representatives to oppose reform outright.

That Congressional Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats continue to stall on the issue speaks volumes, and is a figurative spit-in-the-face of every American who is depending on this legislation to pass in order to survive. Reform is needed; reform is wanted; but reform won't come, if this coalition of moderate Democrats and conservative Republicans has its way.

Listening to the radio today, a progressive DJ asked a female caller if she had insurance. She replied that she was one of the lucky ones. Insurance shouldn't be something for the privileged few and the "lucky" -- we should all be insured, we should all be covered, and we should all be treated fairly when it comes to medical situations, regardless of our income levels or jobs we may have.

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