Thursday, July 9, 2009

GOP criticism of stimulus unwarranted

Republican lawmakers are complaining over the amount of money being spent on the stimulus bill, and how the bill has done little to create jobs thus far. I’ve pointed out in the past, actually, that the bill has created or saved quite a few jobs, considering how short of a time it’s been implemented. However, I do agree that too little is being done right now, with most state governments opting to cover their budget deficits rather than use the money for its intended use -- to create jobs.

But the thing is, not all of the money has been spent yet. The GOP is trying to fool the American public into believing that all of it is already spent, when in actuality less than one-tenth of that total has been doled out. In fact, most of the spending won’t come until fiscal year 2010.

I could understand why some would be frustrated with the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress were the GOP’s lies actually true. But they aren’t -- they instead show how desperate the Republicans are, resorting to fear tactics like they always seem to do nowadays.

They criticize the stimulus for being too expensive and for creating very few jobs. But they haven’t even given the stimulus a chance to work. So how can you criticize something that hasn’t been put into real action, considering that only ten percent of it has been implemented? If they want to be critical at all, they should criticize how slow the money is being handed out -- but then again, that would mean they’d have to support it’s implementation, something that some Republicans still refuse to do.

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