Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Political Heat's 2015 year in review

A look at some of the headlines on this site over the past year

This past year has been a pretty good one for Political Heat. Readership was up, and I wanted to take the time to thank you, the readers, for visiting my blog.

This year also marked my tenth year of writing political opinion. You can read more about that here.

For a year in review post, I thought I’d suggest twelve posts I’ve written in 2015 -- one from each month of the year -- that I felt highlight some of the topics I’ve discussed on the site.

Once again, thank you for reading, and I wish for all my readers a prosperous new year.

  • January: Former Mayor Dave suggests concealed carry didn’t make WI safer (he’s right, too)
    The average crime rate of the two years that Wisconsin has had concealed carry on the books saw a significantly higher rate of violent crime than the average seen during the ten years of the assault weapons ban.
  • February: Why didn't Walker answer "Yes" when asked whether Obama loves America?
    “I’ve never asked the President so I don’t really know what his opinions are on that one way or another.”
  • March: Religious Freedom should not become a means to discrimination
    Protecting individual beliefs is an important aspect of the American identity. But generally speaking, that protection has been afforded to individuals against state persecution, not the exercise of other people’s own lives.
  • April: Call to Wangaard's office turns up flimsy rationale for removing 48-hour gun waiting period
    Sen. Van Wanggaard's office could point to only one story in the four decades since the waiting period was passed that he felt "cost someone his or her life." And upon closer inspection, that incident's outcome likely didn't involve the 48-hour waiting period at all.
  • May: No, Scott Walker: Women don’t need “more information” through forced ultrasounds
    Wisconsin women were already receiving an informed choice about their options before the law was passed.
  • June: #LoveWins across the nation, but opposition remains
    It’s been a long time coming -- but now, gay and lesbian couples are finally allowed to get married in the United States, no matter where they are.
  • July: Scott Walker’s legacy: more children living in poverty
    Walker’s policies have done anything but help stave off this rising trend.
  • August: Restore the Wisconsin Covenant
    [The Wisconsin Covenant] encourages students to work hard, earning good grades and becoming stellar members of the community in order to gain yearly grants that can go toward college spending.
  • September: Soglin's "crusade" against liquor downtown hits already established businesses
    Retail won’t grow because of Soglin’s decision, and his move will just hurt an already-established restaurant on State Street.
  • October: Will Wisconsin Republicans apologize to Kevin Kennedy?
    When State Sen. Chris Kapenga had questioned Kennedy’s professional relationship with Lerner during hearings on the GAB, it summoned memories of McCarthyism-era tactics, of guilt by association.
  • November: On at least three measures, Scott Walker is worse than Jim Doyle
    If we’re looking strictly at how Walker’s time in office compares to Doyle’s, it’s clear that the better of the two was the Democrat.
  • December: Walker’s bad week means more “Wisconsin Comeback” propaganda
    When bad news dominates the headlines, Walker of course does what comes naturally to him: he spins.

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      1. Now THAT'S some deep analysis right there.

        You're quite the needy Bagger, aren't you? And you know it's all going down the drain for Walker and the WisGOPs. Chris just have great examples as to why

    2. PS- Keep the good stuff coming in 2016, Chris. I think there will be plenty of events to discuss and correct.