Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Tea Party has called the president a Nazi, a Muslim, and the Antichrist. But remember: calling them "zombies" is offensive

Columnist offended by Tea Party-zombie comparison, forgets five years of history of greater atrocities in the Tea Party

The right-wing in Wisconsin is just so-darn-golly-gee upset that Janesville filmmaker, Adam Shabow, plans to make a movie depicting Tea Party protesters as zombies.

From the Cap Times:
“It is of course a free country and Mr. Schabow can create whatever movie, with whatever message, he wants,” Collin Roth wrote for the Right Wisconsin blog. “But there is something a bit gross and unsettling about a man with Schabow's assumptions and prejudices making a movie that depicts a popular American political movement (one which includes tens of thousands of Wisconsinites) as bloodthirsty, brain-dead, killers.”
Hmm. Collin Roth has a point: derogatory and inflammatory rhetoric, even in the form of an independent horror film, is quite concerning.

So Roth, in his article, lambasts the many, many, MANY examples of Tea Party extremism as well...right???

Not so much. So until Roth writes an article denouncing Tea Party racism, or of Tea Partiers calling the president a Muslim, a terrorist, a foreign-born Kenyan, the Antichrist, or a Nazi, it would behoove the author at Right Wisconsin to perhaps tone down his own opinions on what constitutes decent political behavior, on the right or the left.

Until that time -- and I’m not holding my breath -- Roth and other conservatives like him don’t have much room to stand on when it comes to criticizing filmmakers like Shabow. After all, a comical and clearly satirical depiction of the Tea Party PALES in comparison to the things that very movement has stood for over the past five years.

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