Friday, April 11, 2014

Could recent GOP behavior lead to a transformative election year for Democrats?

Several Republican lawmakers have involved themselves in inappropriate conduct, including suggesting of illegal campaign activities and sexual harassment

There’s a strong chance that the recent actions by Republican leadership in the state of Wisconsin could have serious consequences. These actions should be enough for the average Wisconsinite to have serious hesitation when it comes to voting for anyone associated with the GOP.

They cannot be readily ignored, pushed aside, or considered just a “few bad apples.” These types of behaviors have been prevalent throughout the Republican Party, and represent a true problem in the state’s present political climate.

  • Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer conducted himself inappropriately around women, allegedly engaging in acts of sexually harassment while he was at political fundraisers and other events.

  • Several Republican “higher-ups” in the state (including Sen. Ron Johnson's office) were notified of Kramer’s indiscretions several years ago, but did nothing to stop the conduct, let alone report it to the necessary authorities.

  • Republican State Sen. President Mike Ellis was caught on hidden camera suggesting that he would raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in an illegal plot to coordinate a Super PAC with his own re-election campaign.

  • Scott Walker consistently appoints less-qualified (but certainly well-connected) Republican operatives to be a part of his administration.

  • Walker is also likely part of the newest John Doe investigation, which is looking into illegal campaign coordination during the recall election between several independent conservative organizations and official political campaigns.
These are the types of actions that could turn a legislature (or even the governor’s mansion) “blue,” if the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is willing to pursue them. The conduct of Republican lawmakers, in the executive and judicial branches, has proven to be sub-par at best, and involves cronyism, inappropriate behavior, and illegal conduct that even the most conservative of Wisconsinites should call out.

Now is the time to go on the attack. Now is the time to say that a true transformative election is indeed possible in the state, if the people are given the proper information about how their elected officials are behaving. If Democrats are willing to expose them further, the Republicans should have plenty to worry over when it comes to their re-election chances in the fall.

The need for Democrats to go on the offensive isn't simply because I prefer one party to the other; our state wholly depends on new leadership if it is to thrive in the future. The failure of Republican lawmakers to produce a productive state over the past four years -- including Walker's own failure to produce his 250,000 jobs promise -- is possibly due in part to their conduct while in office, including the laws passed and the means used to win elections in their party's favor for years to come.

If the Democrats are successful in taking control, they should be held to the same standards that the Republicans have failed to uphold. One thing is for certain, however: our state cannot afford four more years of Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin mucking up our democracy and our traditions.

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  1. The bigger question is "Will Dems hold WisGOP accountable for this lawless behavior, and bring this to the voters' attention?" Right now , the answer is "No", and it's infuriating me.

    Don't expect the media to do this for you, DPW. They stand to make too much money on Walker ads to do so.