Monday, May 27, 2013

Keep the recall as is

Representatives deserve removal when they fail to act in the people's interests

With certain exceptions, the legislature and other lawmakers ought to work concurrently with the opinions and desires of the people who elected them to office.

Special interests and wealthy campaign donors shouldn’t be given preferential treatment; the citizens themselves, who elected them with plurality consent, should instead be given the special attention, and their needs given precedence above all others.

Granted, certain exceptions do exist: when a popularist idea interferes with individual rights, it should be soundly rejected. No citizen should see their privileges revoked on account of a mob mentality.

With that said, a popular mandate ought to be respected; and when it’s not, it should be incumbent upon the people to have the power to remove a person from office who is meant to represent them.

The recall election in Wisconsin serves that purpose. When the wishes of the people are ignored, and when a legislator or other duly-elected official proposes laws or regulations that run counter to the desires of the people, they should not have to wait several years in order to remove that person from the office they currently hold.

Those representatives have violated the trust of the people; and though it may cause some criticism from time to time, the right to remove an elected official from office should remain intact for the people of Wisconsin.

Not only that -- it should also expand beyond our states’ borders, into other states that don’t currently allow the practice, and into federal offices as well.

Think about it: how fast would Congress act to compromise knowing that their constituents would fast remove them from office for failing to do their jobs? While unknown for sure, the current deadlock in Washington could well be over within days.

Some legislators in Wisconsin are proposing severe alterations to the recall process. Those changes would remove critical mechanisms that belong to the people, to be used at their disposal when their representatives fail to act in their interest.

The recall was never designed to remove criminals or unethical lawmakers; it certainly can serve that purpose, but that was never the SOLE purpose. It was designed to give the people greater direction of their own legislature, of their own executive office, and of their own judiciary.

Popular politicians are those that make the right choices for the right reasons. They also serve their people well, promoting their interests while protecting their rights. When lawmakers fail in this respect, they no longer serve as a legitimate representative to their constituents, and deserve swift removal.

Support the recall as it stands today. Oppose the calls to change it.

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