Monday, April 30, 2012

The Obama ad everyone needs to watch

List of Obama accomplishments prove the president is needed for a second term in office

With focus being rightfully paid to the recall campaign in Wisconsin, it's difficult to remember at times that this is a presidential election year. So, the question becomes: does Barack Obama deserve a second term in office?

The answer is a resounding "yes." Not only does Obama make a better candidate for a second four-year term versus Mitt Romney, but the president has proven that his record as commander in chief has been stellar.

Don't believe me? Watch this ad put out by the Obama campaign and tell me different:

These accomplishments can be seen at 5:10 in the video:
-4.2 million jobs saved;
-Taxes cut for 160 million Americans;
-Wall Street reforms passed;
-18 tax cuts for small businesses;
-Unfair credit card fees eliminated;
-Nearly half a million new manufacturing jobs;
-$1 trillion in spending cuts;
-Protected reproductive rights;
-Stem cell research funded;
-Fuel efficiency standards doubling;
-U.S. oil production at eight-year high;
-Natural gas production at all-time high;
-Renewable energy production up 27 percent;
-First Latina Supreme Court justice appointed;
-$100 billion invested in science and research;
-Iraq war ended;
-Libya liberated;
-Osama bin Laden dead;
-Incentives to hire unemployed veterans;
-"Don't ask, Don't tell" ended"
-Unemployment benefits extended;
-Equal pay for women protected;
-Health care reform passed;
-Seniors' drug costs lowered;
-College Pell grants doubled;
-Guaranteed coverage for contraception;
-Medicare and Social Security protected;
-and the auto industry saved.
A huge list of accomplishments in just one term of office.

The ad ends with a single word (especially familiar to Wisconsinites): FORWARD.

And that's the direction we'll move in if we send Barack Obama back to the White House.

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