Friday, April 20, 2012

March jobs report reveals more bad news

Less than two months to recall, Walker's jobs performance goes deeper into the red

The Department of Workforce Development announced Wisconsin's job numbers for the month of March yesterday, and it appears as though the "Scott Walker Slump" has returned (if it ever left at all).

After two months of pseudo-job gains (improvements that were due largely to "seasonal adjustments"), March saw losses of 4,500 jobs total, more than 95 percent of which came from the private sector.

The losses come just two months before the governor's scheduled recall election. Having originally pledged to improve Wisconsin's economic climate, boasting that he would create 250,000 jobs in his first four years of office, Walker has instead taken our state in the opposite direction, making his pledge seem more and more like a fantasy.

Since Walker assumed office, Wisconsin has lost more than 10,000 jobs total. But while Wisconsin continues to plummet, the rest of the nation has gained jobs. In fact, the country overall has seen 25 straight months of job growth, a stark contrast to what Gov. Walker considers "working" in Wisconsin. It's clear that Walker's "reforms" are anything BUT working, as the chart above demonstrates.

The governor has failed to create economic conditions that spur job growth for the state. His solution to job creation has relied solely on tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations (two-thirds of which don't pay any taxes at all in the first place). But this plan has failed to create jobs, nor will it do so in the future unless proper incentives to create work are included.

Walker needs to take a direct approach on jobs, end his attacks on working class families, and reverse polices we know to be job killers for the state. Unfortunately for Wisconsin, Walker will undoubtedly stay the course, plunging our job numbers deeper into the red.

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