Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GOP lawmakers stifle democratic process, deliberately lie to the public

Behind closed doors, legislative leaders plotted to purposely misinform voters

If you are still one of those Wisconsinites struggling to find legitimacy within the senatorial recalls set to commence later this year, listen up: aside from all the right-wing assaults on our values, and deliberate violations of rules and law within their chambers, there's now significant evidence that shows the Republican leadership intended to say one thing to the public while saying something entirely different behind closed doors.

In other words, Republicans were told by their leaders that they were going to lie to the people of Wisconsin on purpose.

It all involves the redistricting maps that Republicans rushed to pass earlier this year, plans that, in their haste to enact them sooner, were both flawed and disenfranchising to thousands of citizens.

The memo said in language that can't be misunderstood: "Public comments on this map may be different than what you hear in this room. Ignore the public comments." In other words, a clear intent to misinform and lie to the public.

We already knew that many Republicans have lied this past year in our state -- one needs only to hear Gov. Scott Walker speak for a brief moment to receive a fresh example. But this memo provides direct evidence that the leadership in our state's legislative body directed the party's caucus to purposely ignore their lies, to accept and even sign a loyalty oath of sorts promising not to reveal what was really going on within the lawmaking process.

For directly attempting to disrupt the free flow of ideas, an aspect inherent in every legitimate democracy, Republicans in the legislature deserve to be removed from office, either within the next scheduled election or in the upcoming recalls targeting four of its members.

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