Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Falk would restore Wisconsin's ideals

Former county executive has the experience to lead and the vision to repair our state

On both the national and state levels, Republicans have overplayed their hands, pushed an extremist agenda that has alienated a great deal of people. The worst thing that liberals could do right now would be overplaying their own hands.

Fortunately in Wisconsin that won't be much of a problem. The most progressive of candidates, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, is a rational, decisive leader who can still appeal to a diverse voting bloc of people, especially one that is fed up with the performances of Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the legislature.

Falk brings a breadth of experience as a candidate, having previously served as County Executive for over a decade. She knows how to run a government effectively, has experience in managing budgets, and has successfully negotiated with unions during fiscal crunches, saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars over the years.

Though I've previously criticized Falk for making a pledge to unions, she's effectively addressed that issue by coming forward and expressing her views directly to citizens as well, through press releases, op-eds, and even a Facebook note. Her defense of the issue has shown her willingness to accept criticism and an openness to explain her position with the people, a trait that seems to be missing from our current governor.

Besides, if Walker supporters bring up the issue of her pledge, Falk can respond with two simple words: Grover Norquist. Walker made a pledge himself to the conservative activist, promising him not to raise taxes for the rich (apparently it's OK to raise taxes on the poor, however).

If the people need to determine which candidate best represents their interests, they can look to these campaign pledges for guidance: Falk made a promise to organizations representing thousands of workers across our state, while Walker's promise was to one man representing a select group of million- and billionaires.

Falk would make a great candidate for office, the perfect person to restore Wisconsin, and would be more than capable of defeating Walker in a statewide election. We'd be fortunate in having her as the Democratic choice for governor when the recall election comes to fruition.

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