Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Democrats, recall organizers turn in 1 million signatures

Recall thresholds met for Governor, Lt. Gov., and four Republican state Senators

Over one million signatures supporting the recall of Gov. Scott Walker were turned in to the Government Accountability Board today. Around 845,000 were turned in for Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

In all, nearly two million signatures were turned in for the recalls of Walker, Kleefisch, and four other Republican state senators who allied themselves with the governor's corporatist and anti-worker agenda. All of the recall thresholds were met.

Let's put this in perspective: in 2010, when Walker defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for the governorship, Walker won with 1.12 million votes. Conversely, the volunteers to recall Walker very nearly gathered the same number of signatures that got him into office in the first place (almost 90 percent).

The total represents 185 percent of the necessary number of signatures needed to initiate a recall contest. 46 percent of the signatures turned in would need to be deemed ineligible in order to prevent a recall from happening, a nearly insurmountable number for Walker supporters.

The total number of signatures gathered represents the largest number received per capita in recall election history -- for the entire country.

This is indeed a historic occasion. The recall challenge to Scott Walker, and the restoration of Wisconsin principles and values, made a giant leap today. The road ahead won't be easy -- but with hard work and determination, We the People will get our state back.

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  1. The numbers are high as they are the people that are about to lose the free benefits that everybody else pays for. Free medical, free dental, food stamps but can afford all of the other newest telephone gismos and games. Just what we need more tax payer babies. Think about it, work all of your life to "donate to all " , if I want to donate I will donate to who I wish - not to who sits on the rear end and demands.