Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walker continues to court out-of-state corporate interests

"Fundraising tour" raises questions about who Walker would ally himself with: the people of Wisconsin, or corporate interests

Gov. Scott Walker, certain to face a recall challenge within the next year (even he knows it), has been touring the nation in an effort to raise money to fund his campaign. Even yesterday, when organizers dropped off a million signatures requesting a recall for the governor, Walker was in New York, meeting with AIG executives and even chatting-it-up with Rush Limbaugh during his visit.

Two observable facts can be drawn from Walker's travels:
  • First, in order to fund his defense to the people of Wisconsin, Walker couldn't rely on much in-state support. Whether this is due to his unpopularity or not is unknown; but it's certainly reasonable to believe that Walker's inability to raise money in Wisconsin alone could be due in large part to a huge dissatisfaction among his constituency.
  • And second, it's rather troubling that Walker, who has received large sums of political donations from out-of-state interests previously, would actively pursue even more campaign cash from millionaires in Texas and disgraced corporate business entities. One has to wonder, having already proven he "takes the call" when the wealthy elite beckon him, whether Walker has the people of Wisconsin's interests in mind at all, or whether what Walker does is best for the Koch Bros. and the like instead.
  • It seems that, even when Walker tries to fight off his recall challenge, he creates more reasons for why it's needed in the first place. Walker's interests don't seem to lie anywhere near the people's -- rather, they lie with the corporatocracy he and several other conservative interests across the country are trying to establish.

    If you want a governor who leads by the dictates of out-of-state corporate interests, then Walker is your guy. But if you, like at least one million other Wisconsinites, believe our state deserves a leader who pays attention to the interests of the people he (or she) serves, consider supporting someone else in the upcoming recall election.

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