Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poll shows disdain for Walker, mixed feelings on recall

State split on grounds for removal, but a clear majority disapproves of governor's job performance

A poll released this week demonstrates just how dissatisfied Wisconsinites are with the performance of Gov. Scott Walker, not even one year into his first term in office.

According to the results of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute's poll, 56 percent of the state disapproves of what Walker has done in his first 10 months as governor. Only 42 percent approve of his job performance.

As far as a recall goes, Wisconsin is evenly split, within a statistical tie over the question of whether Walker deserves to be removed from office or not. 49 percent believe a recall is undeserved while 47 percent feel it should move forward. Four percent are undecided.

Though it appears a plurality doesn't want a recall to happen, viewed from a different angle a majority is either for a chance to remove Walker or is riding the fence on the issue (totaling 51 percent).

Again, the numbers are within a statistical tie -- but should a recall occur, the question of if he deserves to be removed will likely be overshadowed by the dismal job approval numbers he currently has. That is, when the actual election happens voters aren't going to be thinking about the recall itself, but rather the pros and cons of keeping Walker in power.

The polling data should worry Walker, who faces a recall threat when signatures on a recall petition equals 25 percent of the number who took part in the previous gubernatorial election.

Getting to that number (of more than half a million signatures) won't be a simple task. But it's clear through these poll numbers (as well as the general disdain of ordinary Wisconsinites when you merely mention his name) that Wisconsin is fed up with Walker, ready to give him "the boot" if the opportunity to do so presents itself, an event that is likely to occur given the numbers we're seeing today.

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  1. It certainly bodes ill for the Gov. The Recall Walker crowd is visceral in its hatred and can't wait to vote him out, while the Tired-of-Recalls folks, if they have an incentive at all, it is to opt out. Poll numbers are one thing, but numbers at the polls will carry the day, and the Recall Walker faction will turn out in droves.