Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Month in Review -- October 2011

Top five stories from the month of October

Here, in reverse order based on readership, are the top five stories from last month.

5. September job numbers out -- WI still not growing
What can we draw from this? Walker's jobs session earlier this year didn't do anything to help the state. His job session that is currently taking place, with many of the same initiatives found within it, will likely have the same effect.
4. In trying to explain broken promise, Gov. Walker lies to the people
Walker's broken campaign promise isn't as controversial as it seems -- it doesn't put Wisconsin in a worse-off state of being. Still, to insist that his promise wasn't broken because he's made additional "payments" to make up for that lost time is faulty logic: the governor promised within a set time-frame that he'd make those sacrifices, and he didn't.
3. Democratic poll shows governor recall a strong possibility
More than half the state disapproves of Walker's performance as governor, and more Wisconsinites trust a Democratic alternative to Walker on issues important to the state.
2. Assessing reforms.wi.gov -- Part 1: Jobs
By September, the number of jobs Wisconsin had decreased to 2755.8 million...a drop of 19,300 jobs, halving Walker's claims -- again, my apologies, "Wisconsin's Reforms Website's" claims -- of creating jobs for the year to 19,500 total.
1. Assessing reforms.wi.gov -- Part 2: WI School districts and Act 10
Stating that surpluses are created after severe deficits were made without explaining those deficits is a grave mistake to overlook -- and a spin beyond epic proportions. It's improper to say that savings couldn't have been found had Act 10 never been implemented, as would have been the case had Kaukauna taken the teachers' proposal before passing their new teachers' handbook.

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