Monday, October 10, 2011

Democratic poll shows governor recall a strong possibility

Recall will be difficult, but not out of reach: most in WI disapprove of Walker

A new poll released by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin shows that Scott Walker is vulnerable to a recall election.

More than half the state disapproves of Walker's performance as governor, and more Wisconsinites trust a Democratic alternative to Walker on issues important to the state.

Among the poll's findings:
- 52 percent disapprove of Walker's job performance, with 41 percent strongly disapproving
- Only 31 percent of Wisconsinites strongly approve of Walker, with his overall approval at 46 percent
- The Democratic option is considered the better choice on various issues, preferred by those polled on education (by 18 points), improving life for the middle class (by 15 points), and seen as more honest than the governor (by seven points)
- If a recall were held today, a majority of Wisconsinites would vote for the Democrat (51 percent) over Gov. Walker (42 percent)
What does this polling show us? Things are bad for Scott Walker -- but they don't necessarily guarantee victory for Democrats. Working towards a recall will be difficult, but it's not impossible, either.

If the required 540,260 signatures are collected, the next step will be convincing the public that the Democratic choice is the better of the two. Fortunately, if this polling is correct, things are already headed that way: most of the state sees that the direction Walker is taking Wisconsin is on the "wrong track" (52 percent).

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