Saturday, October 1, 2011

Month in review - September 2011

Top five stories from Political Heat last month

Perhaps this can be a new thing on the site: a review of the top five stories, from last month, as determined by the number of page views that each story received.

5. DOT memo encourages trickery with new voter ID law (9/10/11)
State employees shouldn't be encouraged or required to engage in acts of trickery. Government officials should instead push forward a policy of openness and honesty, especially when it involves democratic rights of the people.
4. No matter how you look at it, Gableman unfit to serve (9/4/11)
Either way this pans out, there's a problem with Gableman. Either he has difficulties with his memory, in which case he may be mentally unfit to serve; or he has problems telling the truth, of fabricating a story to damage a fellow justice's reputation for political reasons, in which case he's ethically unfit.
3. Justice Gableman's account of 2nd altercation has serious holes in it (9/1/11)
If Gableman was a witness in his own courtroom, his testimony would have serious holes in it. He'd likely be dismissed by any court, Supreme or otherwise, for changing his story to fix the missing pieces within it. The fact that no other justice on the Court, even those aligned with him ideologically, has come forward defending his story, is further proof that he's likely making it up.
2. Grothman and Vos show disrespect to Madison police (9/15/11)
These two, in considering stiffing the city reimbursement of funds on that fabricated basis, go beyond even a slap in the face, and demonstrate the way these Republicans wish to legislate, employing pettiness and revenge towards a city that's merely politically unaligned with their own personal beliefs.
1. Scott Walker cautions state on his jobs pledge (9/12/11)
Walker is wrong to pass the buck onto the national government for the state of Wisconsin's jobs outlook. He's also wrong to believe that the policies he's enacted (and has yet to enact) will benefit us. Wisconsin, and the workers within it, cannot afford to have Walker its governor much longer.

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