Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Helping a friend with a rare opportunity

Local Madisonian has chance to work with Bear (Double Rainbow guy)

A friend of mine who I worked with (canvassing various neighborhoods throughout Wisconsin, promoting progressive causes) has accepted an internship with Bear, better known as the Double Rainbow guy. During her internship, she will be learning techniques in farming, including managing chickens, fruit plants, and legal marijuana, as well as learning how to use social media to its fullest extent, video blogging her exploits alongside Bear during the duration of her time there.

But Lisa Erin Brown needs a little bit of help as well. The internship will provide for her lodging and other forms of hospitality, but it cannot pay for her transportation. So to help get her out there, Lisa has set up a donations page via PayPal. You can find that page here.

Here is a video of Lisa that explains more about her opportunity:

And here is a link to the blog she manages: Escaping Fate

This would be a great opportunity for Lisa, who since her arrival to Madison just this year has become an integral part of the progressive scene in the area. She protested inside the Capitol over several nights; she's worked against Scott Walker's budget, going door-to-door in several communities within Wisconsin; she did the same thing in support of Democratic recall candidate Fred Clark; and she's continued to be a vocal presence within the Capitol, standing up for what she believes in, letting our state representatives know that real people are affected by the bills passed in this legislative session.

So if you can, be sure to help Lisa out. She's someone who is truly deserving of this internship.

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