Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another poll: Americans want reasoned approaches to solving deficit

Most support raising taxes on rich, oppose cuts to Medicare

The Washington Post performed a poll recently that asked respondents how they thought we should go about fixing the deficit our country is currently facing. Not surprisingly, most Americans support fixes that call for a sacrifice from everyone, not just the working and middle classes.

Some highlights from that poll:
  • Only a quarter of Americans feel we should cut Medicaid spending, while more than 7-in-10 oppose such a measure.

  • The numbers flip when people are asked about raising taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year: 72 percent support such a plan while 27 percent oppose it. Even more remarkable than that, more than 55 percent said they "strongly" support such a move, while only 17 percent were "strongly" opposed to it.

  • To fix the Social Security situation, two-thirds of Americans support "raising the amount of Social Security tax paid by people with incomes over $107 thousand a year.
So with that in mind, will the Republicans respond to the demands of Americans, raising taxes on the rich? Don't hold your breath: it seems that the Republican Party is hell-bent on holding the country's economic standing hostage in order to make drastic cuts that the people don't want.

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