Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dead names show up on recall petitions

Deceased father of Democrat signs petition for Democratic Senator

Though some recall petitioners on the right have acted in an admirable fashion, some have done just the opposite, engaging in fraud in order to add names to their numbers.

Within the recall effort against Bob Wirch, a Democrat from Kenosha, it's been discovered that the names of deceased Wisconsinites have been appearing in a blatant attempt by petitioners to buoy up their signature numbers. One of the names included is particularly disturbing -- the deceased father of Mark Pocan, a Democratic representative from Madison, was on the petition against Wirch as well.

There seems to be no decency left within the conservative movement (save for one individual). Whether they're trying to justify violating open meetings law, removing the rights of workers to bargain collectively, or even considering placing trouble-makers within peaceful protests, conservatives in Wisconsin this year have engaged in a disturbing trend of working against the people, against the treasured institutions of democracy within our state.

This latest fiasco further demonstrates to what lengths conservatives are willing to go to in order to reach their devious ends.

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