Monday, April 4, 2011

Gov't appointment shows Walker admin. favors nepotism

Son of Wisconsin lobbyist earns $81,000 per year, despite lack of degree, experience

It's infuriating how Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican cronies have run our state thus far. Between the gross negligence in the adherence of basic state laws and the disrespect for constituent wishes and the rights of workers, Walker & Co. have made it clear: their agenda is purely meant to favor those that got them into power, not the people of Wisconsin.

The word "crony" isn't one I like to thrown around lightly -- it needs to be used only when the situation rightly warrants it. But this morning a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provided ample reasoning for use of the word in describing the Walker administration.

A man in his mid-20s received an administrative, government-appointed job overseeing environmental and regulatory issues within the Department of Commerce. This man, the Sentinel points out, lacks a college degree, has very minimal managerial experience, and has received two DUI citations.

Those things alone might not disqualify a candidate like Brian Deschane, the young man who received the appointment from the Walker administration. But when you consider that those three factors belong to a single applicant, one would have to question whether a more qualified person might be available to fill such a post. Indeed Deschane hardly qualifies for any government job, even an entry level position, much less a position in which he's given an administrative role.

However, Deschane isn't just any old appointment -- is father, Jerry Deschane, is an executive vice president for the Wisconsin Builders Association, one of Scott Walker's biggest donors. Members of WBA have given Walker more than $90,000 in campaign cash over the past two years alone.

Given the younger Deschane's limited job history, it's hard to fathom any reason beyond nepotism for how he could have landed a job with so much responsibility -- and so much pay. Even more surprising is that, within two months' time, someone with such a small resume somehow managed to get a promotion, as well as a $16,000 pay increase, especially during a time when Gov. Walker himself is touting the need for public workers to tighten their belts more.

The evidence is mounting that Scott Walker doesn't care about the people of this state -- except for those that happen to be his biggest campaign contributors. This latest example of favoritism, of placing unqualified applicants into important jobs based solely on campaign donations, is a disgusting display of power the Walker administration wields, a sickening vision of nepotism at its worst. It's shameful that our governor has brought Wisconsin down to this level in just over three months of "serving" this state.

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