Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This Sanders supporter is gladly backing Hillary Clinton for President

I still love Bernie, but I recognize that Clinton needs, deserves my support going forward

I voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin’s Democratic Party primary back in April. I stood fervently by my candidate beyond the ballot I cast, and continued to promote his candidacy well into the spring and into summer.

The writing on the wall, however, is perfectly clear: Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic Party’s nominee.

And I am equally thrilled to back her going forward.

I never saw Clinton in this race as a “bad” candidate. I simply preferred Sanders over her, and did my best to promote the candidate I liked more.

But I did my best to do so in a way respectful of Clinton. Being “for” someone doesn’t necessarily make you “against” someone else; it merely means you have a preference.

With Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee, we see history in the making: the first female nominee of a major party to top a presidential ticket. That is not something that should be so easily dismissed. Women today face fierce obstacles in society. Sexism pervades our businesses, our government, our public life, and so on.

Clinton’s candidacy isn’t just about her being the first woman president. I am confident that she will continue to push our nation in the direction that President Barack Obama started us on. She will be a progressive leader who will push for a higher minimum wage, a more green planet, a better economy for Americans of all economic levels, and access to higher education for every student deserving of a path to college.

I spent the entirety of the primary season “feeling the Bern.” But it’s clear now that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee. She has more pledged delegates than Sanders, as well as more votes overall from the American people. And since her victory is now imminent, it’s time for Bernie Sanders to step aside.

Tonight, and for the rest of this campaign, #ImForHer. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, and the best hope from this point forward to creating a better America for our nation’s future.

Ceiling status: cracked. And I look forward to seeing it completely shattered in November.

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