Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You might be on the losing side of the cultural wars when...

you have to resort to this:

apologies for my dirty windshield but these folks were on 4 overpasses today at rush hour between Silver Spring Dr and the Zoo Interchange on Highway 45 south going towards Milwaukee.
Now you'd think these are maybe just your typical bigoted anti gay wing nuts...sent out by the Wisconsin "Family Council"...but they're not.
As soon as I saw what the website on that banner was (www.defytyrants.com)...I knew who was behind this.
None other then "Pastor" (and as a Christian I'm using that term loosely here) Matt Trewhella.
Who is he you might ask? He might not be on your radar cuz he wasn't on mine til about a year ago I happened to be watching the public affairs program called "In Focus" on WVCY (which bills itself as a local Christian tv station...but about 50% of the time they're promoting right wing politics) and this guy was on talking about this very subject...how Walker should "defy" federal judges and "tyranny" when gay marriage comes to the states.He's not joking.Take a look at this excerpt from his website once:
When the Supreme Court acts outside the parameters of the Constitution it is incumbent on the lesser magistrates, within their spheres of authority, to maintain allegiance to the U. S. Constitution and not blithely obey federal lawlessness.
Hence, when Walker states that “the federal courts have ruled so I must obey” he is hiding behind a lie; a fiction created by federal courts but repugnant to the very U.S. Constitution itself.
Nowhere are states compelled to a suicide pact with a lawless federal government. The people of the states should not be forced to accept a federal court which makes opinions repugnant to all common sense and the clear created order of God and says “two men or two women can marry.” Again, marriage and family is the core foundation upon which societies are built. Such a ruling is an attack upon family.
This isn't the first time this "pastor" has said anti gay things.
In 2013 he referred to LGBT folks as "filthy people"
“Your children would be getting perverted in their minds by these filthy people,” Trewhella claimed, before turning his venom to straight people who don’t condemn gays and lesbians: “I have no respect for people who are parents, who actually have children, and have no problem with homosexuality or homosexual marriage. They are the most base people on the planet to have totally abandoned every God-given vestige to protect your child from the filth of homosexuality, to blatantly go along with it is disgusting.”
“It’s disgusting to watch, it’s disgusting to see,” Trewhella said.
He also said this later on that year:
 During an October show on the supposed connections between the gay rights movement and pedophilia, Trewhella played the notorious 1961 Boys Beware PSA, which even he thought wasn’t anti-gay enough and actually “sold the foundations” for gay rights by calling homosexuality a “sickness” instead of sin.
“That’s what people used to think about homosexuality,” Trewhella said wistfully. “They still knew it was wrong, they knew it was disgusting, it was a bad thing and you were messed up in the head if you wanted to practice those types of sexual behaviors.”
“It’s the depraved nature of man and that’s why it needs to be suppressed through the force of law, otherwise it proliferates within the culture to the point now where homosexuals who can’t reproduce actually adopt other people’s children to raise them.”
He has a profile in the "Encyclopedia of American Loons" and for good reason.
He makes both Glenn Grothman and Julaine Appling look like moderates when it comes to right wing hate of gays.
The fact that this kind of person is not only a "Pastor" at a church (no matter how small it likely is) and even worse is allowed to spew hate like that on a "Christian" TV show just absolutely disgusts me.
But hey...if theres one thing thats clear its the fact that history will not be on the side of people like this 20 or even 10 years from now...and they know it.
Hence the desperate display today.

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